(not nearly all) the things I don’t know

OK I’m not gonna lie. I haven’t updated in a few days because I really haven’t done much by way of achieving my dream of traveling, writing and taking pictures.

I’m a young, single woman who has a (full-time hours but no benefits) job…and I live by the beach. It’s kind of easy to get distracted when you look outside and see the sun shining and think “ohh man, all I really want to do today is take the Cinderella kickboard I stole from the beach the other day and ride the waves.”

I have a friend who said she would teach me to surf, too.


I bought an SLR camera. Ha, you saw that right. Not a DSLR. Nope, an SLR. An Olympus OM-1. I’m sorry…but $900 + Lenses, or $60, including 3 lenses and a flash? I’ll just have Wal-Mart put them on a picture CD or something. Then I’ll be able to add photos to this blog! I would have already, but I just really don’t want to put photos up here that I pulled off Google Images or whatever because you’re “supposed” to have pictures with your blog…I want to post my pictures up here when I take them so this blog will serve as a portfolio as well.

Also, one of these days I’m going to design a skin to put back here.

I mean, that sorta counts as working toward my dreams right–oh! Summer’s calling =)


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