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Personal Branding and You

As my need for a job in my ever-changing industry rises, my resistances to the technologies and concepts of today falls. Last time, it was the doing work versus appearing professional debate that was ultimately settled with the irrefutible arguments presented by my needs to eat food and live places (though I still havent changed that picture).

This time, it is the concept of personal branding which, ultimately, I am not against. Lets face it–we live in a world where things are sold based off the concepts of creating needs and brand recognition…do I really NEED that Lysol antibacterial disenfectant bed-sheet pre-bedtime child-protector spray proven to kill 99.9% of bedbugs that could possibly lead to childhood itchiness? Not even a little. But it’s Lysol, and we’re now conditioned to think that if we can just sterilize our world then our kids won’t get sick and we’ll all lead long, happy lives. Forget about super strains and weaker immune systems.

But I digress.

Personal branding. I don’t have a problem with it. I’m just wondering if it’ll have a problem with me. I’m not sure how much of my personality I will actually be able to reveal before me being me starts to overshadow my exponentially-increasing ability to kick butt in my field.

On the job, it’s easy to just smile, nodd and let people talk about themselves. I do it all the time, and people love me. They just find me so agreeable. You don’t have to reveal your thoughts when someone’s talking to you.

But on the Interwebz, it’s nothing but my thoughts and no one is talking back  (until you guys start commenting, of course). How am I supposed to feign decency through a medium that demands that I use the way I think to produce something that either describes me or serves as a point of reference that I use to pretend to describe myself by writing things that I think are the opposite of me, acceptable, etc?

…maybe I’m overthinking it. Even cover letters are starting to leave me fried. I just want to write my stuff, listen to people talk, write down what they say and put cool-looking colors together with awesome type and great pictures. And travel the world. Ya dig?


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Check out me doin work at my official Online Content Manager position of #internchat

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