There’s Always Something New to Add to Your Resume

my businesscard rough


I read on one of those career websites that just because you don’t happen to have yet landed a paying gig doesn’t mean you’re unemployed. It said you should treat yourself as a “job search manager” and make yourself get up at 9 a.m. to actively work on your job situation for the majority of your day (except for an hour lunch).


I’m not looking for a job, I’m looking to break into my career. And since I’m working for myself, I can bestow any fancy title I feel like. So dig this:

Senior Career Coordinator.

Duties: Manage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media outlets to promote the brand of BryoneyH Industries as one of precision, technical expertise, insight and humor.
Facilitate personal development by applying best practices for spending time–striking a balance between educating BryoneyH on industry trends and personal interest, creating best habits, and networking with other industry professionals through involvement and leadership in journalism/social media networking groups.
Meeting and exceeding sales quotas set by BryoneyH Industries of application call backs and interviews; creating and drawing upon resources to further expectations set by BryoneyH Industries.
Meet with BryoneyH of BryoneyH Industries throughout career coordination and personal development process to ensure that career goals align with application process.

So you see? There’s always something new to add to your resume.

I wonder what an employer would think if I actually put that up there.


4 responses to “There’s Always Something New to Add to Your Resume

  1. Thata girl. I like that attitude. Watch out world! Make sure to join the journalism twitter chats and such. You are on your way!

  2. Another amazing post!!

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