Life Lesson Learned: One Thing At a Time

Why didn’t anyone tell me it was mid-month?

I am starting to panic.

For some reason, in the dream world that I operate in, it seemed totally feasible to me to start a new job, take the GREs and find a new apartment and move in all in one month.

Now it’s October 14 and I am waiting on my first paycheck, haven’t studied nearly enough and am facing down the very real possibility of homelessness.

I may have bit off more than I can chew.


The job thing is not such a big deal, it’s just that in my mind “full-time job” translated to One Million Dollars, and so I just turned in my notice to my apartment assuming that I would throw a stack of money at the new and fabulous apartment I’d just stumble upon one day while I was laying in my bed doing nothing.

Now it’s October and I’m faced with a hard truth: the apartments in my price range SUCK.

They all have, like one thing horribly wrong with them. Or are not pet-friendly. Which, freakin, I don’t even have a pet! But my biological clock is starting to tick (like no joke, all of a sudden now that I have a degree and a stable job I have begun to feel this urge to take care of something and watch it grow by my efforts–sick, I know), plus I’m going to be living alone 3 hours away from my family for the next few years so I figured a cat would be nice.

But I have come to learn the hard way that this GROSSLY limits my apartment choices. And I am stuck with the red-headed stepchild of  apartment choices (no offense to red-headed people…I guess that’s mean…I just mean…like… great-grandmother had red hair..just read on).

So when I first embarked on my apartment search, at the beginning of the month, when I was youthful and optimistic, I decided that I wanted an apartment with a gas stove and hardwood floors and a decent amount of counter space, for cooking. And not to be wildly optimistic, but a dishwasher. Oh, and maybe some walls that separate the living room from the bedroom.

 (And I will argue you DOWN about why a gas stove is superior to an electric one–first of all, it’s in my book Zen and the Art of Cooking, second, it gets hot quick and it cools quick, third it’s actual fire so if you need to light anything else around the house BOOM there you go)

And hardwood floors look so neat. And I just really want a place to put both a couch and a bed. Not a couch that folds down into a bed.

So I’m like the town I live in is pretty old, that shouldn’t be too hard to find.


It’s not, until you add “livable” as a fifth condition. Yesterday I went by an apartment that fit all of my prestated conditions, was in my price range and included utilities.

Unfortunately, what “includes utilities” means is “we control the temperature of your apartment in the winter, and we don’t provide A/C at all and if you want to be cool during the summer then you have to purchase your own wall unit and pay an extra $65 during the summer months.”

Um…my soon-to-be-old apartment provided us with an A/C wall unit right now and my electric bill is never more than $20 a month during the summer months.

So obviously I can’t live there because that’s just stupid, but I might not have anywhere else to live because all the apartments in my city that I’ve looked at so far either don’t allow pets or are the projects or are already full or have some sort of catch along the lines of “yeah we’ll give you everything you want…in exchange for your soul.”

I mean…I’m sure it will turn out OK. Things always do….but yeah. FML right now. Life lesson learned: one thing at a time.


2 responses to “Life Lesson Learned: One Thing At a Time

  1. Is it possible to renew your lease at your old place? Or at least hold up in it and make em try and take it from you via force?

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