The Power of Prayer to Help With the GRE

So by now you guys probably know that I’m taking the GRE soon. Saturday, to be exact.

And I have been TRYING to stay focused. But staying in and studying all the time is so BORING, especially when I have all this post-graduate energy from being not overwhelmed with homework, leading to my obtaining a full night’s rest consistently.

I have been trying everything to make myself study. I have been trying to switch subjects, to read a variety of different things (ranging from bills the U.S. Congress has just passed to French vocabulary to literary criticism), to making it fun by drinking a bottle of champagne while reading.

No dice. I have been so restless.

Friday night my friends and I have plans to go to happy hour then survive a zombie apocalypse, and I have been looking forward to these plans for like 2 weeks. I finally get to get out of the freaking house. And for cheap drinks and zombies. How do you spell awesome? D-R-U-N-K-Z-O-M-B-I-E-S.

So why did I just find myself texting one of my friends and telling her I might have to skip happy hour Friday to study?

It ain’t cuz the test is Saturday–it’s not till Saturday afternoon.

Let me backtrack.

When all else fails,


And I mean, when everything else is going right you should probably continue praying, but this week as I have been trying my various ways to make myself study I have also been praying for focus and a good score.

And I like how well God knows me because He sent me exactly what I needed to stay on track and improve my score: a very hot guy with Princeton Review GRE study materials.

I kid you not. Tuesday, this very hot guy just randomly texts me like “You’re taking the GRE Saturday right? I am too–did you want to study together this week?”

And I’m like “uh…DUH.”

So we get to the study room and this mofo shows up like “Yeah I took a GRE prep class this summer so I just really need to refresh before the test.” And he knows all of the little shortcuts and memory tricks and strategies for decoding the test verbage and managing your time.

And because he is like stupid cute my butt is dedicated and focused because if this very hot guy is just going to randomly LET ME BORROW his Princeton Review books (which, BTW are a FAR better prep resource than Kaplan) the week before the test, I am surely not going to waste his time by being unfocused.

And because he is stupid cute and I’m not dating, I gotta take my exposure to cute, cool dudes however I can–which makes me extra receptive to staying as late as he wants to stay to really just tackle that one last problem.

And then go home and continue reviewing so that when we meet again I’m not slowing his pace down with questions that could have been answered by reviewing the materials he was so kind as to let me borrow.

I’m just saying, God will sometimes come through a way that’s so thorough that it’s hilarious. It’s awesome to be on good terms with someone who knows you so well and will sometimes indulge your real motivations.


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