I Don’t Write a Lot of Poetry, but…

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I don’t write a lot of poetry anymore. In fact, I’d say I hardly write any. I used to write tons of poetry, until I realized that, for me, writing a lot of poetry is an indicator that my brain and emotions are out of balance. Now when I get the urge to write poetry I try to meditate or do something  else that’s calming in the hopes that the urge to kill will fade and I can trust that my brain has regained control over my hormone levels.

But I wanted to write a poem today.

I wanted to write one because I was thinking about love and how a person can tell when he or she is in love, as well as the reasons why a person falls in love with another person. I’ve never been very good at the love thing myself, which is kind of ironic because anyone who knows me nonromantically and personally will tell you that I am a very loving person. But that doesn’t really transfer into my romantic relationships, which makes for great blog fodder.

…but eventually, I imagine stories of disastrous relationships will get old to tell and read (maybe not to read lol), and so I’d really like to replace them with wonderful stories of positive experiences one day.

And so I am on this quest of self-discovery because I really, really want the next romantic situation I get in to be normal and healthy and loving, and so I sometimes sit in quiet times and reflect on what love means to me, and the way I try to show it to these crazy a$$ mofos I keep running into.

And this is what I got:

I like me when we’re together
I’m quiet, I’m thoughtful; I love.
I’m reflective, observant; I think before I speak
And if nothing need be said, I don’t.
I’ve never seen myself so sweet
As when we’re together and you seem like you need
A place to just come and be at peace;
I’m surprised at myself at how readily
I sit myself down and offer my lap
For you to lay your head.
I’m surprised at myself at how still I can sit
When your comfort depends on me not stretching my leg.
I’m surprised at myself at how long I can stay
When I can tell by your breathing that you’ve drifted away.

…does it make me self-absorbed that my love poetry is all about how much I like myself? lol I think probably so.

What are your thoughts on love?


6 responses to “I Don’t Write a Lot of Poetry, but…

  1. This is lovely! This is the way I feel about myself when I’m with my cats! Oh, and I suppose my husband too…hehe… Really, really nice… I don’t think it’s self-absorbed. It says a lot about the person who can make someone comfortable in their own skin…

    • lol…I’ve seen the pics you have up of your cats…they could make anyone comfy and loving =) thank you for reading and commenting. yeah, I was sort of basing it on that..because not everyone elicits the same reaction out of everyone lol

  2. Beautiful poem! I don’t think the poem makes you seem self-absorbed. I think the most important aspect of loving someone is also loving who you become when you are with them.

  3. Dude, this is me! Seriously. I am a very affectionate person, I like most people I meet and I’d do anything for my friends and family… yet, relationships elude me. Go figure.

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