When You Hear Hooves…it’s Probably Not a Centaur

Why can't I get this right???


I don’t know why I haven’t been blogging lately.

It just hasn’t been coming like it was. And it’s not that I’m not living and learning valuable life lessons. I am. Just today I learned that if you have heartburn…it probably has more to do with the hot sauce-covered black-eyed peas you ate for breakfast than your emotional state, no matter what driving need you have to make everything in your life symbolic.


That is what I want to talk about today.

I spend a lot of my time trying to connect the dots in my life to the universe at large because I want desperately to be a part of the higher plane of life that I can feel exists…but can’t access.

But there are times in my life where I think this leaves me with something akin to missing the trees because I’m searching for the forest.

Take this example:

A couple months ago, probably around October, I was obsessed with this phenomenon I kept experiencing called Every Time I Go To Church I Leave My Lights On in My Car, Causing My Car Battery to Die and Me to Need a Jump (and of course by “every,” I mean “twice,” but still! Once is an isolated incident; twice is a SIGN).

So I’m walking around after this like “My God, what are you trying to say to me??” I asked one of my friends, who laughed at me. But I just knew. You don’t leave your lights on outside a church in the middle of the afternoon unless the Almighty himself has lain His hand on your hand and stayed it from turning them off because He specifically wants you to stay at church a little longer to hear what He has to say.

So like all things in our short-attention-span society, this, too, eventually failed to captivate my interest after a while and I forgot about it and continued living my life.

Until last week. When I left my lights on and my car battery died.

This time, though,

It wasn’t at church. It was outside my cello teacher’s house. As I was connecting the cosmic dots, however, I still made the case to myself that it was in the midst of an activity that made my spirit soar, ipso facto, lights on; car stayed; connection: divine.

And so, as happens every time I leave my lights on, I called my dad to talk me through the car-jump process. And as also happens every time I leave my lights on, I didn’t connect them right or something, because my cello teacher and I stayed out there for like 30 minutes trying to jump my car and I wasn’t going anywhere.

I ended up calling my dad back to get our AAA information, then I went inside to have tea with my cello teacher, all the while wondering about this cosmic message from the divine.

Finally the AAA guy comes and pretty much just taps the battery with the jumper cable and my engine roars (I’d like to think I got it warmed up), and I call my dad to tell him I survived and all’s well (all the while pondering my cosmic coincidences).

And then we just start talking and I tell him about my day and my night before and how I went out with my friends to a happy hour that had $1.50 well drinks and how I may have had a few too many, etc.

And my dad goes “Yeah, that’s what I figured when you told me you left your lights on–that you were either tipsy or hungover.”

And it clicked. I thought about the two other times I left my lights on and the previous night’s activities–and there was the common thread. It wasn’t a message from the divine, it was a message from my pounding and distracted head trying to push through the effects of doing one thing one night and another thing of a totally different nature early the next day.

I was talking to my hairdresser earlier in the week, and she asked me if I still go out and party a lot (not that I would admit to partying like that over this public forum). I told her that…it really wasn’t even a matter of whether I wanted to or liked to, only that I notice how much those activities (and recovering from those activities) eats up precious time.

I know the phrase “time is money” is pretty much as cliche as they come, but any resource you have must be measured, divided and spent according to its value. Time is the one thing we all get the same amount of in the day, yet never know how much we have left of, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we think of time in the same way we think of money–as something to be spent.

I’m 24 and I am a fresh graduate. I may have less money than some, but we all have the same amount of time and so I must make sure that anything I choose to invest my time in will yield me the proper dividends.

So I told her that I don’t really party like I used to because it’s too expensive–money always comes back, but you really can’t afford to waste your time, and I definitely can’t afford to waste mine because everything I do at this stage in my life will directly influence the type of future I grow.

I think that thinking of things in a cosmic sense is a beautiful thing, but at the same time…when you hear hooves…it’s probably not a centaur.


One response to “When You Hear Hooves…it’s Probably Not a Centaur

  1. Brilliant!!
    I have nothing to add; I’m in awe of your splendor.

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