Bryoneyh: The Hopeless Romantic (Part Deux)

I have been in love with a boy’s potential before;
I have caught a glimpse of the Man He Could Be
(of the Man Who I Dreamed)
And hopped on board his crazy train in hopes of destination: there.

And along the ride I have learned the differences
Between hope, faith and naivety
And having gone way beyond
The point of having sense.

And I have reacted all types of extreme,
With all of it ending in the shattering of a trust I once held for myself,
And the slow restoration of a tiny faith in love,
With a simultaneous acceptance that I don’t know
How to make the choices that lead to it.

And I have felt my bitterness fade as I looked around the world.

And I have opened myself back up to the thought of a boy liking a girl
And a man in love with a woman.

And I have made it my way
To just say stupid shit to be funny
To keep the boys away.

And I have been completely swept off of my feet
By the thought of one well-intentioned man with a phrase:

Why not?

…..this week, anyway.


One response to “Bryoneyh: The Hopeless Romantic (Part Deux)

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