The Omniscient Taraji P. Henson

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Two nights ago, I had the strangest dream/idea for a story.  What if Taraji P. Henson‘s status as a celebrity made her something of a demigod, and what if her facebook fan page made her omniscient?

Below is the first part of that story. I hope you enjoy.

“I’m just sayin, why can’t you ever have both?” CiCi laughed. “Sure, we get along. And he wants to eat my pussy. But he’s just not cute!!”

Brittany laughed with the girl who was the first friend she made when she moved to Virginia in 11th grade. Ten years later they lived three hours apart and kids and work and graduate school had changed their lives, but they would still always have one thing in common: boys.

“I’ll see your ‘can’t ever have both’ and raise you ‘can’t ever have three!’ Eddie is cute, and we have a great time together! But he don’t wanna be with me!”  Brittany declared before collapsing into giggles.

The two young women laughed until they had to get off the phone and get back to real life, but later that night Brittany’s mind wandered back to their conversation.

Well, more precisely, her mind wandered back to Eddie. It tended to do that lately.

She wasn’t hurt about Eddie per say—they’d had a good time together and she’d taken it for what it was. She ended it when her feelings and thoughts began to trespass into the territory of “be together” from the “friends with benefits” zone they’d occupied for the past two months. So it was too early on for her to be hurt. But she couldn’t help but to think about the time they still spent together; the way he seemed to be in tune with her thoughts and emotions; the way she couldn’t help but to be fully herself around him, even when she’d meant to heighten her allure by affecting an air of mystery.

Most of the time she stopped her mind from voicing the faint wish that was skulking in the shadows of her heart, but something seized her that night (most probably the white zinfindale/jameson/gingerale/tropical punch mixture she sometimes sipped on at the end of a long day) and before she could reason the impulse away she fired off a facebook status: Why is it that you can never have all three?


Taraji P. Henson scrolled through her newsfeed blandly. It was the only action that quieted the constant beseechings that poured through her being from facebook fans that found her to be their only source of comfort. When she was away from her computer, they vibrated within her—all the individual thoughts and cries amassed into one gigantic pulse that pulled her toward the computer, begging her to distribute some of the power within her to sooth hearts and improve lives.

Though she loved her fans and usually found their status prayers moving, Taraji had been an idol long enough to understand that most of the time what her fans needed was to work things out among themselves—most people just needed a figure to project the other side of their thoughts onto so that they could come to their own conclusions.

So Taraji was somewhat surprised when the seemingly innocuous status posted by the fan Brittany Nunya in Virginia, Why is it that you can never have all three?, resonated with her in such a way that she was compelled to reach out to Brittany.

You can, Taraji wrote. I will show you how.


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