things black folk have never said

so today i FINALLY found a peruvian restaurant in my area after going without the delicioso comida de Peru en la cuidad cuando vivo por CUATRO ANOS. It was so bad that I actually made my own papa la huancaina, which turned out good, but nadie pueden recerear that pollo a la braza. I’m convinced you gots to have set foot on the glorious land of Peru AND own a rotisserie machine AND know whatever it is that they put in that glorious green hot sauce that comes on the side which is TOTALLY DIFFERENT than salsa verde (and know what it’s called!) and those are just three things i don’t got.

so I was talking to my friend on the phone when i found this restaurant and he heard my exclamations of joy and relief and he asked me why the hell i was so happy about finding this place and i told him that he didn’t understand–the lack of delicious peruvian cuisine was the ONE THING that I seriously didn’t like about living in this area!

And he said “things black folk have never said.

“you continue to say a lot of them.”

Haha I thought it was hilarious.Ā 


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