These are the times…

Here are some random moments of the past week that I thought were noteworthy:

Sitting on a plane next to some guy who was telling me that I absolutely need to go to Dubai; that the water at Virginia Beach is nauseating; and that I was right in suspecting that my ex husband (can I call him that if we were annulled??) would ruin my life because he had no established credit.

Coming out of the club and seeing a sausage wrapped in bacon with grilled jalepenos and peppers (no I didn’t get it–one of my deepest regrets)

Realizing beyond a shadow of a doubt that one of my absolute dealbreakers is getting along. If we don’t get along you’re getting cut (Thanks for that one, Matthew. I couldn’t have done it without your blood pressure-raising ass)

Seeing an older black gentleman reading to a lady I can only assume is his wife on the plane…it was just such a sweet, loving moment.

Having a homemade pizza party with my friend K and getting the rum punch right finally!! (The good times from Belize are still a-rollin!!)

Bringing back SoCo and Lime…..and then putting it away again (that drink is strictly Undergrad, and there is a reason. But oh, the memories)

Being able to encourage a friend

Taking a long walk with my Jamaican neighbor listening to him tell me about his open marriage and the quickest way into a lady’s panties (make her laugh) (guards up!) and try to slip in slick ish into the conversation in Patwah (which I think I have finally convinced him that I actually do understand)

Saying a few sentences in Patwah myself! As ‘im would a say, “encouragement sweeten labour”

Tonight’s tequila taco party followed by a night spent on the town in a sequined red dress; red lipstick; and high heels which I am going to try my good gosh darndest not to fall in (wedges are practical but I’ll save my practicality cards for my 30s)

Tomorrow’s skydiving

And realizing that, man, these are the times, you know? These are the freaking times. For all of my worrying that I’m ruining everything all the time, I’m doing it. I’m travelling and going to school and making good friends and amazing memories with those friends and this is what it is, you know? I’m 25 and I’m making a mess of some things but overall I’m living and I’m learning and I’m slowly starting to leave these vagabounds alone and I’m finding my voice and I’m questioning things and I’m deciding things for myself and at some point all of these experiences will shape me into a competent human being.


2 responses to “These are the times…

  1. Good post. Cheers to you.

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