Customer Service Makes Me Want to Steal

A while back I was at Target and I saw some awesome fluffy purple slip-ons made of sweater material. It was maybe like two weeks ago and they were clearly the last pair in the store. It was an awesome find. I inspected them and realized they had no tag, no SKU number and no price. A little voice crept into my head, probably the same one that urges on my other crazy thoughts, and told me to steal them. It told me I could wear those shoes out and, aside from looking pretty crazy, there would be absolutely no consequences. I told that voice no; I am a functioning member of society and I will take these shoes to the cash register and persuade the cashier to let me legally purchase them for no more than $5.


I get to the register. As I already pointed out, there was no SKU number, tag or price, so they couldn’t look them up. I told them to just ring them up misc and I’d pay $5. What should have been simple turned into me waiting at the register for more than 10 minutes as they attempted to look them up, called the manager, etc.

I left sans shoes and wishing I would have just stolen them.

Today I went to the corner store and, OK, my main reason for it was to get a handful of the (free!) plastic forks and spoons they have sitting in a basket. But I didn’t feel right about just taking the spoons–I figured I’d better buy something to make it a little less tacky. So I go and gets me a coconut water because I am a sucker for all the latest health trends, and I makes my way to the register.


There was nobody there.

I could hear someone shuffling in the back and I called out “hello” a couple times.Β 


Finally, I focus my attention on the two employees who were on the floor doing inventory. Eventually I caught the eye of one and she finally rang me up.

All I could think was “I could have put this coconut water down and walked out with my spoons OR stolen the coconut water too and gotten away with either!”

I am TRYING to purchase things legally–why are these people making it so hard??


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