Chicken fil A

This whole Chic-fil-a thing really saddens me.

I was on YouTube yesterday watching a video where some white woman was yelling across the street at a black man calling him the n-word so he sprayed her with a garden hose, and I read some of the comments below it.

Leave it to the Internet man. It is so disheartening to see the number of bigots who are completely without remorse.

Juxtapose that with a couple days ago, when I was reading the Christian blogger who I like bc I like her voice, Heather Lindsey. She had a post up about a very Christian theme–guarding your heart by being careful of what you let in (in terms of media and whatnot). And she said something to the effect of “And if it’s a song with a positive message sung by a homosexual, that’s it honey boo boo chile I’m turning you off I can’t let that Satan in my life.”

Then I get on twitter this morning and she’s tweeted that she doesn’t eat fast food but she’s eating at Chic-fil-a this morning in solidarity of the owner’s statements.

And I am once again sad.

Let me be clear. Cathy has the right to support traditional marriage. And Heather has the right to support Cathy, and Chick-fil-A. Whatever. I don’t care. I have read article after article that says that Chicken Fil A doesn’t discriminate against its homosexual employees or customers.


And I guess thanks to our precious first amendment, he can say that if he wants.

But I have some things to say in response.

First of all, I don’t see the issue of allowing tax paying American citizens the full rights of all of the other citizens as a moral issue. We are supposed to be a secular government. Why, as a secular government, are we using the Bible to justify denying American Citizens rights? Isn’t that the whole way our quintessential Americana tale–the flee from religious persecution on the Mayflower to set up a new country where people would be free to live and practice in all their difference under a non-religious government–is framed?? Am I not remembering that correctly?

And didn’t we just go through this like 50 years ago with interracial marriage? Because I’m pretty sure that in the eras of slavery, of segregation, of interracial marriage bans, the bible was also used to justify the unequal treatment of taxpaying American citizens. I can remember reading entreaties for slaves to obey their masters, but I’m going to be fair and say that I don’t know the bible well and I’m definitely NOT going to pick this time and place to start debating semantics on it.

Third, I took media law and ethics, and I’m not sure, but I don’t think the first amendment covers hate speech. What Cathy said isn’t hate speech, but some of what I’ve read from some people in response definitely puts me in that mind.

And finally, a question for Christians:

If, at the end of the day, y’all are supposed to be “in the world but not OF it,” why work so hard to actively campaign against those who supposedly are OF it to experience equal treatment while here? And please, no irrational replies that mention things like pedophila if you decide to respond.

Let me be clear. I personally see this campaigning against gay marriage as bigotry, plain and simple. As someone who knows that who I am is composed of two marginalized groups against whom the bible was used to justify subjugation (black and a woman), I feel like out of gratitude for those who fought and died so that I could do things like  attend school side-by-side with men or marry the man I love no matter his race, I cannot do anything BUT extend my hand toward those are struggling for equal treatment, rights and protection under the law of a secular government.

Long story short, I don’t get this shit.




One response to “Chicken fil A

  1. God, you just described my views about this issue perfectly! I simply cannot understand how Black people see this homophobic bullshit and not compare it to how we were treated a few decades ago

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