I need a roommate


I dreamed of selling daisies,

but instead i was in school studying linguistics, which isn’t that bad because at least it’s not a business school right?

but i dreamed of selling daisies

and meeting a man who would be my man and handing him a daisy in perfect love and trust and he would get it he would dig it he would feel me and we would hold hands

but instead i’m in school studying linguistics and there are only two men in my program and one is married and one is a player,

if you can believe that sort of thing exists,

an applied linguistics player

who has his pick of single women in a program with no single (straight) men.

i dreamed of sun shining and lava lamps and peasant blouses and French braids

and bare foot back pack travel

you and me, man

you and me…

but what i got is an awareness that i’ve spent too much time alone this weekend because i’m writing poetry and poetry means melancholia and melancholia means that i dream of daisies…

but what i need is a roommate–

and healing to six of my seven chakras



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