Sunday Funday Style

Yesterday a classmate and I got together for lunch (read: mimosas and a very tiny bowl of bean soup to make room in my budget for more mimosas) and reiki, and I wore my dried spray-paint T-Shirt.

She was kind enough to photograph me, as the issues that I’ve been having with my phone for the entire year are as-yet still unresolved and apparently have spread to my point-and-shoot, so now neither my phone nor my point-and-shoot will take photos.

After some goofy outtakes, we got a couple that are cool (enough).



(Although in the one above I still think I look pretty goofy)

My favorite part about this outfit is that it is suuuuuuuuuuuper cheap. Someone gave me that necklace. I think the jeans and jacket both come from the thrift store. I made that shirt out of a 3-pack of men’s white tees. The scarf I picked up from Wall-Mart for $5 when I was getting the tees. The boots were the most expensive part and I’m pretty sure they, too, were from like rack room shoes. 

I really like that now it’s OK to mix and match colors and prints. I’ve always been into the bold colors, but I’m really enjoying seeing what all can be done with prints.

And swag.


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