VOTE (Obama)

We are 5 days away from the election, and I’m scared.

It seems like Barack Obama has managed to so greatly offend people that a man whose statements are consistently shown to be:

1) untrue

2) inconsistent

3) vague

4) callous

5) discompassionate

Is breaking even with him in the polls.

Romney has a chance to win.

I want to call it what it is, but that will alienate too many folks. So I will just say that for some reason, a man who favors upholding Citizen’s United, which states that political spending is a form of free speech, is about to run our country.


Money talks.

Whose interests do you think this man has at heart? Yours?


I don’t know the man personally, but it seems to me that he will say and do whatever it takes to get in office. But there are some things that already show the type of leader he will be (to me).

Compare the two men’s response to Sandy, you know, that storm that happened yesterday. President Obama cancelled his appearances to go to New Jersey ONE WEEK before the election. To me, this reveals a man who prioritizes being there for Americans over campaigning. We are Americans first. He is the president first.

He cares.

Compare that to Romney, who once again, is trying to turn a national disaster into politics and failing miserably (Libya, anyone?)

As do many of his comments, this once again tells me that Romney does not put the American people first.

He does not know when to drop the facade and deal person-to-person.

In my opinion, this is a recipe for disaster on both a national and international level because the world is made up of people. Ideology, rhetoric and politics are things people created. So is money.

But I am a person. You are a person. Romney doesn’t see that.

President Obama is not perfect. I do not agree with him 100 percent.

But here’s what’s crazy:

No one is perfect.

President Obama was green and idealistic his first term. Also, he did not get much respect this first term from Representatives and Senators within the nation, sadly (and mysteriously). The political environment for him has been downright hostile for some strange reason.

Let me state again,

I do not think President Obama is perfect. But he is a person whose actions seem to consistently show that he is trying to make life better for a world that is populated by other people who need things like access to health care even if they’ve been sick before. Or who want the legal standing to back up unions with the people they love. Or who want to serve the country openly, and without the stigma of shame. Or who want to be granted the basic courtesy of the freedom to manage their own bodies (what goes in AND comes out).

Or who want access to higher education without making payments that equate to a second rent right at the time in life when they’re supposed to be building a solid foundation.

Or who want  the security of knowing that should a natural disaster, something NO MAN can control, strikes, the PRESIDENT will do everything in his part to rebuild the area and work to restore lives.

Or who dream of one day living in a nation that is NOT constantly at war; a nation that is NOT constantly under threat. Who dream of living in a world that has somehow managed to peaceably resolve their differences based on mutual respect.

Or who dream of a thriving, prosperous, healthy nation that has managed to adapt to the demands of the future through things like investing in sustainable energy (one part of which starts with teachers and energy and another part of which starts in business and another part of which starts with INFRASTRUCTURE)

Or who dream of a healthy democracy in which the voices of actual people, not corporations run by either Americans or Non-Americans, have political sway.

I do not see Romney laying the foundation for this future. In the 1800s, there were people who supported slavery. Those people are now on the WRONG side of history. In the early 1900s, there were people who fought women’s suffrage  Those people are now on the WRONG side of history. In the 1950s and 1960s, there were people who fought integration, who fought interracial marriage, and who fought for Jim Crowe. They are on the WRONG side of history.

I firmly believe that the future will show that Romney is on the WRONG side of history.

But on Tuesday, YOU will determine by your vote or by your silence whether we will keep moving forward toward a freer and more prosperous nation for everyone, or whether your uncle can’t get married. Or I can’t make my own biological decisions. Or whether one of your relatives (heaven forbid) who was born with a benign tumor, can get health insurance coverage. Or whether states like New York and New Jersey can expect disaster relief in the event of another Sandy.



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