The Silent Period

In language acquisition, before you begin to speak in your new language, you go through a period where you just listen.

This is called a silent period, and it is a very real thing (at least according to high school students and Krashen). During this period, you are absorbing the language; you are absorbing its grammar and vocabulary, and your mind is putting it together.


speech will emerge.

That’s what this period in my life feels like. A silent period.

Quite literally.

My documents are in for Korea. There is nothing for me to do regarding that particular avenue but watch, and wait.

Now is not the time for speech.

I was asked this weekend whether I’d received my Master’s Degree (the physical paper copy) yet, and my answer was no. There, too, I am waiting. I thought to myself in that moment that January 2013 would come to be known as the Lost Month for me, because I have done nothing but watch,

and wait.

This weekend I got my tarot read and the lady basically told me that all of my hopes and dreams would soon come to fruition. I know that it’s tarot and not a signed check, but the things she said echoed what I feel in my gut pretty strongly. Still, tonight as I was putting dishes away, I multitasked by going through what she told me and finding reasons to doubt her. And my gut. 

That’s when it occurred to me that maybe January 2013 is not the Lost Month, but the month where I finally learn how to have some real faith. When you’re learning a new language it is frustrating, and it is slow, and you doubt that you’re learning. And then there is this entire period (according to some theorists, anyway) where it seems like nothing is happening. You’re memorizing cards and you’re reading second-language newspapers and watching second-language movies, but you still can’t hold a conversation. 

So what do you do?

Some people get frustrated and give up and they never acquire their second language. Others keep pushing through their frustration,

And eventually speech emerges.

Maybe January 2013 is my silent period. Maybe now is the time to stay faithful because very soon my dreams will emerge.


2 responses to “The Silent Period

  1. I understand, I am in my “silent period” as well. My faith is actually being restored. Reading this post is so motivational and inspirational for me. You are amazing and couragious. Hey, don’t forget your scrapbook when you come back. #GRG

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