real love, and haters

My little nephew is in first grade, but he’s had this girl he’s liked since kindergarten (I think she kind of favors his mom). And he is devoted to this little girl. One time, we were in the car and he was telling me and one of my guy friends (J) about her. He was saying how he loved giving her gifts.

My guy friend, J, being a guy, asked “and what does she give you back for these gifts?” (I wouldn’t ask him something like that because i don’t want to encourage the idea as giving as a means to getting…)

But my little nephew, special and devoted and pure as he is, just laughed at my friend like he had just asked what if a flying squirrel was in orbit around the moon singing “twinkle twinkle little star.”

Like J had just asked him something completely ridiculous. “What do you mean? She just lets me keep giving her stuff.”

Obviously I think my nephew is just the sweetest kid to ever walk the face of this earth.

 My mom and I go back and forth on how we feel about this, however, because we’re adults. On the one hand, as stated before, his devotion to this little girl is just the cutest and sweetest thing ever. It just warms my heart to see affection that sweet, pure and unbridled. Today my nephew told me that there was nothing wrong with liking somebody, and that it was nothing to be embarrassed about. 

He’s six.

Oh, I pray he stays so wise.

On the other hand, though, he’s six. My mom and I know the experiences that could be in store for someone so genuinely sweet. We want to protect him. 

But you know, my nephew is a really strong kid, I think. The last time we got him, he made a book for this girl. It was all about the things he likes in life. He wrote it in his own handwriting and decorated it with stickers. “I like to play wii, I like to play outside, I like to go to school.” And on the last page, it was how he liked that girl, all decorated with stickers. Then he had me and my mom wrap it with leftover Christmas wrapping paper and he took it to school and gave it to her the next day.

How many of us could be so brave? For him it wasn’t even bravery though. It was as natural as breathing.

I asked him later if she liked it and he kind of wrinkled his nose and said stiffly that she liked it. But that he didn’t like the little girl’s friend. He said the friend was teasing him, saying that his handwriting is bad, etc.

And I thought how sad that even in first grade there are the hater-ass girl friends poisoning the minds of good little girls and boys who have something in their hearts as innocent and pure as what my nephew’s got.

I told him to ignore that girl because she’s nothing but a grade-A hater. I told him some people are mean because they’re jealous–she sees that there is a little boy who treats one little girl so sweet, and it makes her aware that nobody’s being sweet to her.

I told him brush it off, cuz haters gonna hate. That’s their job.

He told me the little hater moved on January 25 anyway.

I was so relieved.


One response to “real love, and haters

  1. I love this story and I love reading your blog Boo-Boo!

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