Such a precocious child…

I know I’ve blogged before about how special my little nephew is,

but I’ve just got to share again.

This kid is six years old, but he just has this, like, uncanny perception of people and interactions and relationships. 

The other day, he and I were skyping with one of my guy friends. And we were all chatting and laughing and having a good time, when suddenly my nephew whispers in my ear “I’m going to type ‘i love you’ [in the message box below] and maybe he will say it and you two will get married.”

He’s SIX!!

I threw my head back and laughed and let him do it; shoot, nothing to lose with that proposal. My guy friend wanted to know why I was laughing–obviously I didn’t tell him of our marriage plot, only to check his messages (I wanted to see how he’d react).

Being the cool guy he is, he only praised my little nephew’s typing skills and the whole thing blew over, but here’s the thing that made it stick out to me:

This guy is not the first guy friend I’ve let my little nephew meet–shoot, he goes where I go when I have him, so he’s met my friends before.

*BUT* this guy friend IS the only one my little nephew has tried to hook me up with (in his 6-year-old way) and it’s funny because this particular friend is the one I would be open to going there with (if the timing were different, blahze blah).

And maybe it was just coincidence,

but I don’t think it was. My little nephew laughs a lot, loves to help, and generally gives the impression that he is a light and carefree child. But still waters run deep with him. I have a feeling that the streams of his happy child exterior run into a deep and endless ocean.


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