True Blood Fan Fiction

Hello all….it’s been months. I am kind of dealing with a creative block out here in South Korea. I find that I’m having a hard time getting into the “flow” of life out here, and that out of sync feeling has spilled into my writing and blogging as well (I’m fine though). I’m trying to capture the bursts of creativity as they come, and this weekend that has manifested itself in True Blood fan fiction (in other news, the debate about whether or not I’m a nerd has been settled. Yes). So I figured I’d share some of that fan fiction…I’m in the process of rewriting the Season Six finale….I didn’t like it and neither did my friends. So here’s the beginning of my alternate finale below:

Sookie breaks away from the funeral and walks back to the area of the cemetery alone. She is pensive in her walk; the loss of life, seeing the way it affects a community, could cause anyone to think.

She is also a little worried—where is Jason? She was hoping to explain her decision to Jason and say her goodbyes if necessary.

If necessary.

The words ring in her head on her deliberately slow walk.

She had a feeling Warlow would expect them to leave together and roam the earth immediately, but more and more vampires were staying in their communities now once turned. Like Tara. Although Tara had a new home…well….before they started making all those vampire restrictions, anyway, although Tara based herself out in Shreveport she still kept in touch with Lafayette and Sookie.

And she was always there to help.

Sookie wonders if she would really need to leave her community right away. Especially if she can walk in the day. She’s always been different anyway; wouldn’t it just translate that she’d be a “different” kind of vampire? Maybe the folks in her community could just learn to deal with it the same way they deal with her telepathy.

And poor Colbie, Lisa and Mikey. Sookie’s always been Aunt Sookie to them—how could she disappear so soon after their daddy had himself killed? And Addelyn? If anyone knows how hard it’s gonna be growing up a telepath it’s Sookie—would it really be doing right by that poor girl to take all the guidance she could give and roam the earth with Warlow instead.

But on the other hand….

Sookie is struck by a mental picture of Warlow standing around his decimated fairy community, dust everywhere. It is so vivid it makes her stop and shudder.

And yet she can feel the sun warming her skin. Would it be like this when she was Warlow’s fairy vampire bride? Would she be able to enjoy the sun on her skin, feeling it spread its nutrients and life through her body?

Or would it, like her, become a dead sensation? Something she could do, but something that would be dull, lifeless, numb?

Now that her friends were safe, there were so many questions to ask. Sookie figures if Warlow were the man she thought he could be—the one she was thinking about loving for a closed-circle eternity—she could ask him these questions and they could have a truly open discussion, where they used their telepathy to explore the corners of each others’ minds.

This thought is enough to put a small hop back in Sookie’s step and she is back, lighted up, and facing Warlow in what seems like no time.

Inside their fairy haven, Warlow is too busy decorating a maypole to notice Sookie’s approach.

Well now I see how Eric got to him so easily, Sookie thinks wryly. But he is kind of cute in his eagerness.

Warlow’s head snaps up at the thought and he looks at her. A mix of emotions flies across his face as he hears it play out—from anger at the memory of Eric to bemusement at his own blunder to finally settling on pleased that his intended thinks he’s cute.

But then his face clouds over again as he can immediately sense the doubt in her mind.

Warlow struggles with the mix of emotions he feels as he reads Sookie. He’s been waiting more than two millennia for someone who can be what he is–the disaster at his home camp is just one of many mistakes he’s made toward his brethren over that time. In that instant when he reads Sookie’s hesitance, warlow recalls another fairy he tried to make his bride, long before his deal with the stack houses.

Her name was Minerva. This was about a millennia into his vampire hood, when he’d learned to control his hunger. Warlow had long been banished from faeri, but he liked to lurk on the outskirts, catching a whiff of scent or a peal of laughter. Sometimes he could glean thoughts from faeri and in those thoughts he could see the clear skies and vast oceans of his homeland. He’d gotten pretty good at shielding his presence, but Minerva was unusually strong. Strong enough to pass through worlds at will, and one day she did just that.

She stood in front of him, skin glittering, eyes flashing a brilliant green, dark hair flowing into the silks of the chemise she wore. “I know what you are and I’m not afraid,” she told him, her head up to look him directly in the eye.

His fangs immediately popped out. Her scent was overpowering. 

“And yet I see you still came to me in the day,” he said, struggling to recover from her presence.

“Of course,” she replied. ” I may be brave but I’m no fool.” 

Sookie sounded a lot like Minerva at times.

“Excuse me??” Sookies voice broke in. ” who in the hell is Minerva why are you comparing me to your ex girlfriend?” She asked while marching toward warlow, toward his maypole.

“Sookie,” he started, but her arms were already folded. He looked at her face and her body language and knew they were in for a knock-down, dragged-out discussion, and part of him longed for the days when a woman couldn’t talk back.

“Oh no mister,” Sookie said, responding to his thoughts again. “This ain’t no mideaval courtship. If we’re going to spend eternity together you’re just going to have to get used to a woman having a voice and an equal day, and that is that.”

She narrowed her eyes.

“Now who,” she asked pointedly, “is Minerva?”

Warlow sighed even as a shiver of excitement ran up his spine. 

“Minerva was…she was like you,” he said. “Strong. Fiery. Unpredictable.” 

Sookies crossed arms softened and warlow moved closer to her. As he did, his voice became low, husky even. 

“Someone I couldn’t control,” he said, his face inches from hers. 

He reached out to stroke her hair.

“Someone I considered…my equal.” And with that final sentence warlow grabbed the back of sookies head ad pressed it toward him. His fangs popped out; the veins in her neck throbbed with adrenaline and fear, but he pushed the thought from his mind and kissed her instead, roughly, hotly, passionately, all thoughts of Minerva fading from his mind for the moment. 

James and Jessica lay in the grass of the Compton manner. All around them, vampires frolic. They are doing cartwheels; they are laughing; they are spinning themselves dizzy and collapsing in the grass.

“It’s so warm!” One vampire exclaims. “Oh god, i feel almost human.”

James and Jessica hold hands. They look each other in the eyes and smile. Jessica is thrilled that she’s gotten her life back, and a second chance to be with her vampire boyfriend.

James seems content, though a little distant. He is off in his own thoughts, but if Jessica had to guess she would guess they were pleasant.

“Ever notice that the moments where you think you could die satisfied are the same ones that make you want to live forever?” She asks him.

He is something like drowsy, but her words bring him back.

“What do you mean?” He asks.

“Well I was just thinking right now. The sun on my skin, lying beside you. Yesterday I thought I was goin to meet the sun. And today I did, but in a way I never thought experience again. I could die a happy woman right now,” Jessica replies. “But that just makes me want to live forever; a long and good and loving life.”

She sits up on one elbow. “That is, if we can,” she says, looking at James.

James draws her back into his arms and kisses the top of her head. He is distracted again; he has zoned out during her speech. 

“Yes,” he half-murmers in reply. “But who all drank the true blood?

“And why can we all day walk?

“And how long will it last?”

Jessica opens her mouth, not sure if she’s going to attempt to reply or if she’s just going to tell him to enjoy this perfect moment,

But she is cut off by one vampire.

“Fuck!” He yells. “I’m hungry!!”

His name is Christian; he is a slightly older vampire…4 or 500 years. He’s tall…brown hair and eyes…a wide mouth that could either break out into a charming grin or a menacing grimace. Most of the vampires had only ever seen him grimace, but at the camp that was normal.

Now Jessica sits up and smiles at him for having said what they all are thinking. Until she sees him. 

In the middle of the crowd, with all of the vampires around laughing and playing and cavorting, he was standing stock-still, staring at a fixed point ahead. Jessica followed his gaze toward Jason, the only human among their crowd.

Violet noticed too. “He’s. mine.” She growled through clenched teeth. 

“Is he?” Christian responded. ” I didn’t realize. No worries….I think it will be much easier to hunt in the daylight anyway. Catch the humans off guard….”
And with that he giggled, he actually giggled, then he shot straight in the air.

Other vampires’ heads snapped up. One by one they seemed to realize that were hungry again, or maybe just that they could do more than just turn cartwheels on the sunlight. 

“I’ve been hunting in the dark for 200 years!” Another male vampire exclaimes. “But variety is the spice of life!” And with that he shoots up as well.

“Oh. Shit.” Jessica says. She and James scramble to their feet. 

Jessica looks for Pam, Tara and Willa for support. Tara and Willa nod her forward. Pam avoids eye contact.

“People, people,” jessica starts. “I know we’re not exactly feeling the humans right now. And that were not exactly well fed. But I promise you that hunting, illegally, in the day, is a very bad idea!”

“Was it legal when they took my bar?!” Came Pam’s sarcastic drawl from the edge of the yard.

Tara shoots Pam a look. Pam rolls her eyes and huffs. “Oh fine,” she says. ” I was just playing devils advocate.”

Pam raises her voice. “Reds right, you know. We don’t know how or why were daywalkin, and most importantly we don’t know when it will wear off. We should be careful right now, not reckless. Those two idiots who shot off just now will have more governors, more guns, more glamor-proof contacts, and more camps up our asses quicker than pretty boy stackhouse here in jail.”

Jason and violet glare at Pam.

“What,” she say flatly. “It’s true.”

“Now I say some of y’all organize and bring those two assholes back to this here humble abode so we can go back to frolicking in the sunlight.”

“Why don’t you do it?!” Came a woman’s voice.

“Because I don’t feel like it,” Pam replied. “Anyway, I’ve got my own shit to take care of.” 

And with that she gives Tara a long look. “Oh no,” Tara starts. “You bet not be going off to find—“

Pam shoots up.

“Eric,” Tara finishes, shaking her head. “Y’all are some shitty makers,” she mumbles to herself. “Come in Willa. Looks like it’s up to the baby vamps to talk some damn sense into these motherfuckers.”

Willa comes forward, confused. She hadnt known about Eric’s disappearance.

“Oh and one more question,” Tara throws out. “Where the fuck is bill??”

Jessica, James and the other vamps look around, noticing for the first time that bill is not among them; that he ha not stepped forward to restore order.

“Omg, bill,” Jessica says and rushes inside.


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