Monthly Archives: April 2014

Cherry Blossoms

I’ve seen plenty of cherry blossoms,
In Korea, no less.
Dc has a cherry blossom festival too
(Although I hear theirs is covered in snow this year).
I haven’t made it to a cherry blossom fest yet–
Haven’t traveled to any beach or island or forest to see them on bloom
Instead, I watch the spring snowflakes drift from their branches on my morning walk,
A swirling white that lands on my shoulders and warms me with hope instead of freezing me with more winter.
I think about when I leave as I move through the cherry-lined street,
And I wonder if I will regret never having gone to a Cherry Blossom Fest


This is my last year in Korea, and already the cycle is in mid-swing, and I am missing out on things that I will maybe never have the chance to experience again.

Part of me is starting to wonder what’s the point—will it matter that I never went to this or that festival? Or will the experience trump everything, overall?