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304905_10101306530939002_506036471_nHello world. I decided it’s high-time I redefine my About Me. I glanced at it the other day,

and it was all this stuff about a made-up job title to a made-up career that I made up after I had graduated undergrad and was feeling pretty hopeless about landing a job that I hadn’t made up.

That was three years ago.

Now, I have this blog, and a 5-minute glance at the Yahoo! Style Guide tells me that I need to pick a theme–something that tells readers what to expect when they visit my page.

That makes sense. You wouldn’t want to pick up a book that hopped around all over different subjects with no overarching theme to tie it together–few would finish it, few would like it, and no one would pass it along (I don’t think).

But my blog does kind of hop around. It started with me talking about how bad I am with relationships, but you know what? I decided I am not going to be the one who puts that label on myself and embraces it. And then it has some poetry, some job stuff, some short stories thrown in.

Lately, it’s been a lot about life and love.

My blog is like me: not really very lighthearted,

kind of metaphysical,

very introspective,

reaching for something high,

and aiming to laugh it all off.

The overarching theme is the fact that I put these intensely personal things out on the Internet in faith that this is a shared human experience; that my hopes, fears, thoughts, struggles, challenges, triumphs, joys, sorrows and stories are your hopes, fears, thoughts, struggles, challenges, triumphs, joys, sorrows and stories. That we are one, and that together we are strong enough to make it through this world and this life and remain open, loving and kind.

This is what I believe, and it’s what I write about.

❤ bryoneyh


7 responses to “[postage stamp required]

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  2. I just attended a really depressing seminar on “managing my money”. It made me sad. And then I came across your blog. And it made me smile. So thank you.

  3. hi there i will like your page and i wanna read more so keep it coming!!

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