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I was just in my bathroom pre-pooing my hair (BTW when did we start conditioning our hair before we wash it? I been natural 3 years and this is the first year I heard that terminology).


I was just in the bathroom pre-pooing my hair and it occurred to me: why the hell do people tout the wash-n-go for natural hair? When I first did my Big Chop, everyone told me “oh now you can wash n go like the white girls,” and I was thrilled, but you know what I had to deal with? Chronically dry hair that would lead to breaking.

When I was relaxed, a beautician once told me that our hair grows better when it’s dirty because all of the oils get the chance to store and I ascribed to that because it was convenient and do you know what? My freaking hair shot out of my freaking head. It was ridiculous; my hair would grow and it would grow fast and it would grow healthy from root to tip.

Since being natural, split ends have been a huge problem with me, as has keeping my hair moisturized, and a while ago it clicked: at least one of the contributing factors to this problem is the fact that I am over-washing my hair (and even co-washing it). 

When relaxed, never liked the way my hair looked until at least like day 4 after a wash; that’s right around when all the products are setting in and it’s starting to be trained. Since I’ve gone back to my pre-natural washing schedule, I have noticed the same in my natural hair–the dirtier it gets, the better it looks and feels. 

So I am just throwing it out there as an alternative–even the co-washes every couple days might be too much for your hair. I mean after all, keeping natural hair moisturized is a pretty widely-acknowledged issue in the natural community. Maybe if your natural hair is chronically dry like mine tends to get, try letting it keep the oils it’s accumulated for a while.